Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Simon Van Booy

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When devastating news shatters the life of six-year-old Harvey, she finds herself in the care of a veteran social worker, Wanda, and alone in the world save for one relative she has never met-a disabled felon, haunted by a violent past he can’t escape.

“[A] moving, redemptive new novel…Van Booy creates refreshing, humorous, yet poignant childhood milestones that the two reach with emotional honesty.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

When six year old Harvey learns that her parents have died in a car accident she tragically finds her safe world, once innocent and protected, shattered from the outside in. As she struggles to understand, a kindly social worker named Wanda introduces her to her only living relative: her uncle Jason, a disabled felon with a violent past. In Harvey Jason sees his own loss reflected, heartening him to overcome the deep-rooted anger he’s been harboring for so long.

Moving between past and present, Father’s Day weaves together the story of Harvey’s childhood, Jason’s past, and her life as a young woman in Paris, as she awaits her uncle’s arrival for a Father’s Day visit. To mark the occasion, Harvey has planned a series of gifts for Jason, tokens from her childhood that she believes will deepen their bond.

With extraordinary empathy and emotional impact, award-winning writer Simon Van Booy has crafted a simple yet luminous novel of loss and transcendence, second chances and forgiveness: a breakthrough work from one of our most gifted chroniclers of the human heart.

Product Details

Publisher: Harper Perennial
Publish Date: 04/25/2017
Pages: 304 pages
Language: English

ISBN: 9780062408952, 006240895X

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